Owner: Anthony Nagy 724-857-0233 Established: 1992 Licensed & Insured
Owner: Anthony Nagy724-857-0233 Established: 1992 Licensed & Insured

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The Lawn Tailor is a professional lawn care business located in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, that specializes in lawn fertilization, weed control, and pest control as well as full lawn renovations. To get a better understanding of what we are about please take a few minutes to read the sections below. If you are interested or would like to know more about any of our offered services please visit the Our Services tab. We are now hiring technicians to aid in the recent company growth. If you are hard working, independant, and reliable, contact us right away for an interview! Please visit the About Us page and look for the green text for details on how to apply. 


The Fitting Approach to Lawn Care:

Lawns are like people. No two are alike, and even if they were, surely both homeowners would not want to spend the same amount of money on, or expect the same results from, a lawn care program. Lately most lawn care companies seem to forget this. They offer you this great "universal" program that will make any lawn a thick, green carpet everytime. They guarantee this with every so-called kind of weed, insect and disease insurance imaginable. Nothing can possibly go wrong! You eagerly go along with all of this, and after summer is over, you find yourself with a dried up, miserable excuse for what should have been a golf course green. The worst part of all of this is that no one even had the courtesy to try to explain what happened, and for your money and trouble usually another couple of treatments or a costly lawn renovation are required. You would have to agree that at least if you were ready for this or half way expected it, you wouldn't be so frustrated. This is the most common scenario in the lawn care industry today. With the lawn care industry growing at a fast pace, a lot of important concerns and facts are overlooked or just plain bypassed for lack of time. The old saying "Time is Money and Money is Time" is putting it lightly when referring to the lawn care industry. 


The Lawn Tailor is out to do the most important thing that other lawn care companies do the least amount of for lack of time. That is to communicate with the customer so they know exactly what to expect and have a better understanding about their lawn in general. There is not one lawn care company that can guarantee you a thick, weed free, perfect green lawn every time. They would like to make you think this, but it just doesn't happen. Be realistic! Out of every business you can possibly think of lawn care undoubtably has the most uncontrollable variables - weather, soil type, location, certain wild grass and weed varieties, chronic diseases, outbreaks of insects, and the list goes on. Making matters worse, most pesticide applications require proper timing and conditions for best results, and should be applied only when and where they are needed. Problems are inevitable. You may ask "What's the use then?" People derive great enjoyment out of regulating and beautifying their landscape. That's a fact. The Lawn Tailor is out to build on this attitude. The Lawn Tailor will work with you and provide that personal touch other lawn care companies just don't have time for. The Lawn Tailor will not only fit your lawn's needs, but your expectations, your ideas, and most importantly, will fit your budget with the program that is best for your particular situation. That's what The Lawn Tailor's "tailoring" is all about.


With The Lawn Tailor you only pay for what your individual lawn needs, not for what it might need. Most big lawn care services justify thier higher costs with the so-called "complete program approach", meaning that your lawn is insured for any possible weed, insect, or disease problem that may occur. They don't bother to explain that these "bonus" treatments will only be applied if and when they are needed. The odds are with the lawn service, the same way they are with an insurance company. You are paying for someone else's problems. Despite this great insurance that you have, it is very seldom that any lawn service will cover you on a "specialized" weed, insect, or disease problem anyhow, since the products required for their treatment are very expensive and can hurt the lawn service's profit if they don't charge you extra. You lose! 


The Lawn Tailor's "Head Start Program" is a comprehensive basic program that works very effectively by itself, or as a base for a more complete program. The Lawn Tailor's Head Start Program provides your lawn with timely applications of complete granular fertilizers that feed your lawn slowly through the soil, constantly providing the nutrients required to build the strong, healthy root system needed for the thickest, greenest results possible. This, along with proper mowing and watering are the largest part of a successful lawn care program. The Lawn Tailor will not only provide you with seasonal mowing and watering recommendations, but will give constant attention to customer satisfaction with free service calls and consultations. The Lawn Tailor will provide literature to answer your questions and update you whenever possible, so you always know what is going on with your lawn. Foundation weed and insect treatments are also part of The Lawn Tailor's Head Start Program, and are applied discretely and according to all environmental standards. You will only pay for specialized weed, insect and disease treatments if you absolutely need them. This way your money will always be working for you, not for someone else's lawn. 


The Lawn Tailor's "individualized programs" will provide you with the ideal program to fit your specific needs. Programs can be designed to include as much or as little as you want, since a very wide variety of services are offered. Payment plans can also be tailored for your convenience.


The Lawn Tailor's ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. The Lawn Tailor guarantees you that any reoccuring weed or insect problem, covered on your four or five treatment Head Start Program, will be retreated at no extra cost to you. 


Thank you for this opportunity to introduce you to The Lawn Tailor. Please feel free to call (724)857-0233 with any questions about estimates, or if it is okay to get a "Head Start" on your lawn!


The Lawn Tailor,         

Tony Nagy                  

   Lawn Care Specialist  


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Lawn care is not just yardwork, it's a lifestyle. We take pride in the work that we do and we enjoy seeing how happy our customers are when they see how green and healthy their lawn looks. If you have any concerns or problems regarding your lawn please contact us right away!

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