Owner: Anthony Nagy 724-857-0233 Established: 1992 Licensed & Insured
Owner: Anthony Nagy724-857-0233 Established: 1992 Licensed & Insured

Treatment Schedule

Lawn Applications (Head Start Program)


  1. Early Spring Application (March - April) - Complete granular fertilizer for early Spring green up and thickening before weeds emerge. (Pre-emergent extra application may be done along with this application. See detailed explanation below.)
  2. Late Spring Application (Late April - June) - Sprayable/grannular fertilizer with micronutrients for continued root growth and greening, pre-emergent crabgrass and broadleaf weed controls. 
  3. Summer Application (July - August) - Controlled release granular fertilizer for heat and drought stress tolerance, surface insect and broadleaf weed controls applied as needed. (Grub damage insurance may be done along with this application. See detailed explanation below.)
  4. Late Summer/Early Fall Application (Late August - Early October) - Sprayable/granular fertilizer with micronutrients to green your lawn up from Summer dormancy caused by heat and drought stress, surface insect and broadleaf weed controls applied as needed.
  5. Fall Application (October - November) - Complete granular winterizer fertilizer to take advantage of your lawn's accelerated Fall root growth to provide a thicker, healthier start the following Spring. (Maxi-Cal Lime Application may be done along with this application. See detailed explanation below.)


Extra Applications that can be Added to Compliment the "Head Start Program"


Pre-emergent Extra Application - Done with your early Spring Application at an additional cost of one application. Insures that a follow-up post-emergent crabgrass treatment will be applied, if needed, to control late Summer crabgrass outbreaks at no aditional cost.


Special Note: post-emergent crabgrass treatments requested by those customers that have not signed up for this extra application will be done at an added cost and negotiated at the time they are required. 


Core Aeration - Performed primarily in the Fall. Small cores of soil are mechanically pulled from your lawn, reducing soil compaction, improving water uptake, reducing runoff and puddling, encouraging deeper root growth and new shoot growth, allowing air circulation to accelerate thatch breakdown, improving fertilizer uptake and use, and enhancing heat and drought stress tolerance. 


Maxi-Cal Lime Application - Performed primarily in the Fall with your Fall Lawn Application at an additional cost of one application. Overwhelming acidic soil conditions in our area are caused by chemical reactions between rainfall and the soil, the type of soil (clay), nitrogen fertilizers, etc. Root growth is restricted, thatch build-up accelerates and susceptibility to drought, traffic and weed invasion all increase, causing your lawn quality to deteriorate miserably. Lime applications will neutralize acid soil by enhancing soil structure and nutrient availability providing optimum growing conditions for turf grass.


Grub Damage Insurance - Done with your Summer Lawn Application at an additional cost of one and one half of an application. This also insures that a follow-up treatment will be applied, if needed, to cure infested areas on the following Early Fall Application at no additional cost. 


Special Note: Any Grub Application required by those customers that have not signed up for the Grub Damage Insurance will be done at an additional cost of $10.00 per thousand square feet and negotiated at the time they are needed. (Minimum cost of $30.00 + tax)



Ornamental Tree & Shrub Treatments


  1. Spring Horticultural Oil Treatment (March - May) - Foundation control of scale type and over wintering ornamental insects. 
  2. Early Summer Treatment (June - July) - Contact insect control for foliar insects.
  3. Late Summer/Early Fall Treatment (August - September) - Contact insect control for foliar insects. 
  4. Late Fall Root Fertilization (October - December) - Balanced ornamental fertilizer with micronutrients. 
  5. Deer Pro Repellent (Summer/Winter) - Protects perrenials, ornamentals, shrubs, and landscaping from deer year-round.



Perimeter Pest Control Treatments - A barrier treatment applied around the perimeter of your home. This insect shield will control suchs pests as ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, and many more before they have a chance to enter. There are four time frames offered for these treatments detailed below, however, these may be applied at any time. 


  1. Spring Perimeter Treatment (February - May)
  2. Summer Perimeter Treatment (June - July)
  3. Late Summer Perimeter Treatment (August - September)
  4. Fall Perimeter Treatment (October - November)



Lawn Renovation - (Prime time is early Fall from mid August to to mid October, but can be done in the Spring, if needed, from mid April to mid June) Consists of multilple core aeration (up to 8 times), overseeding, incorporating seed with soil by raking, dragging, or rolling as needed and topdressing with seed-starter mulch where needed.


Point to be made: This process is meant to reclaim and thicken stressed out thin to moderately thin lawns only! This is NOT a new lawn installation. The majority of the new grass seedlings will sprout from the aeration holes and gradually thicken your lawn over several months of time. This is not a three week process, but will provide excellent results at a fraction of the cost of a new lawn installation.


Note: We only accept Cash or Check for the services that we render.

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